The Cheerful and Resourceful Club (КВН) is a voluntary association of students, youth and adults, focused on universal human values, developing tolerance, creative potential, and acting.

The «КВН» University Club was created in 2017 and transformed in January 2020. In February, for the first time in the educational institution of the region, the League "Мұнайшылар-KTK" was created.

«КВН» is created in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Youth Policy and Culture.

The goal is the development and support of the youth «КВН» movement; implementation of youth policy; attracting young people to active political and public life; popularization of the «КВН» movement and the promotion of local «КВН» teams to the Kazakh and international level, creating an environment for creative communication of «КВН» participants; patriotic education of youth; expansion of friendly ties between educational institutions and student groups;

«КВН» activities

The main activities of «КВН» are: preparation of performances at «КВН» games; regular participation of the university team in «КВН» competitions at various levels; participation in cultural and entertainment events of the university, including during state and national holidays;

Activities carried out:

  1. Festival of the League "Мұнайшылар-KTK" (February 5);
  2. Participation in the regional «КВН» festival (February 27);
  3. Video challenge "Stay at home, wash your hands!" (April 11th);
  4. Video challenge "Мен үйдемін" (April 15);
  5. Video "Дәрігерге мың алғыс" (April 20);
  6. Video challenge "Biz Birgemiz" (April 22);
  7. Video vine "Бейбарыс KTA" (April 25);
  8. Video performed by a member of the «КВН» club Yeginbay Arman "Абайдың алтыншы қара сөзі" (April 30).