Student Board

In AOGU there is student board, which is represented by the Student Government. The Student Government is chaired by a President who is elected at the end of each year, in April.

The Student Government keeps track of activists and volunteers, controls the quality of services provided to students (library, canteen, dormitory, educational programs) and considers complaints, disciplinary work with violators of the order, promotion of student events and projects.

Student Government Presidents 2019-2020 academic year.

Sisenov Adilet
President (2019-2020)
Shaydullin Adilbek Salykhuly
President (2018-2019)
Kakym Nurolla
President (2017-2018)
Galiullin Rashit Rinatuly
President (2016-2017)
Alekperov Vugar Chingizovich
President (2015-2016)