Meeting with alumni

Meeting with alumni
It is a great honor for all educational institutions to have students who do not forget about their home and are friendly to all new discoveries and all good things. We are proud of our graduates who successfully work in all parts of the country and contribute to the development of our country. Our graduates of the specialty "Chemical technology of organic substances" in 2009 congratulated the department on the renewal. He wished success to the recently opened Institute of Petrochemical Engineering and Ecology, recently opened at the Safi Utebayev Atyrau University of Oil and Gas.

University graduates met with 4th year students and shared their experience. Our students, who graduated from school 13 years ago, are now qualified specialists working as leading operators, plant managers and managers of large enterprises such as TCO, NPO, KPI, Atyrau.

There were also interesting conversations between teachers and students about the student years of the university. Such meetings show that we are on the right path, that our goal is clear, that we are educating and educating worthy citizens who will work for the bright future of our country.

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