March 1st is the day of gratitude!

March 1st is the day of gratitude!
March 1 - Gratitude Day in Kazakhstan. This day, which has become a holiday of good and kindness, is celebrated in our country for the fifth time this year.

Returning to the past, the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the opening ceremony of the XXII session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "Eternal Country: One Country - One Destiny" in April 2015 said: "March 1 is the day of the formation of the Assembly of the Nations of Kazakhstan. It would be fair to mark it as a day of gratitude to the Kazakhs who accepted people and showed sympathy”. By presidential decree of January 14, 2016, March 1 was officially declared the Day of Gratitude in Kazakhstan.

This is a sign of respect and admiration for this land, for the common history of different nationalities and ethnic groups for which the Kazakh land is destined. A holiday of prosperity and unity. In recent years, this process has become a national holiday, a day of gratitude for all nation. This is a clear evidence of goodwill and solidarity in the country, a moral example of moral relations.

On behalf of the staff of the Safi Utebayev Atyrau Oil and Gas University, we congratulate you all on the holiday and wish you well, prosperity and happiness!

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