Sports complex

The sports complex of Atyrau Oil and Gas University makes it possible to expand opportunities for regular physical education and sports, creates the necessary prerequisites and conditions for a healthy lifestyle, making a tangible contribution to the education, preservation and strengthening of the health of the young generation.

The sports complex includes four sports halls:

  1. Large game room: the game room hosts academic classes and sports sections among students in volleyball, husbands, wives, mini football, tennis and health groups for teachers and staff.
  2. Small game room: in the small room academic classes and sports sections are held for basketball, volleyball, handball.
  3. Dancing gym: academic classes and sports sections are held by the fitness group "Zumba", women's exercise classes, dance clubs.
  4. Gym: academic classes and sports sections are held in taekwondo, thai boxing, aikido, wing chun, jujitsu and boxing, arm wrestling and athletic gymnastics.
  5. Outdoor sports grounds and summer fitness centers: tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court.

The sports complex is used by students, teachers, university staff.

The sports complex is open from 9-00 to 22-00. Depending on the season, the mode may change downward.