Human resource management

1.1. Human Resource Management is a structural subdivision of NJSC "Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after S. Utebayev" and reports to the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the University.

1.2. The department is headed by a manager who is appointed and dismissed by the decision of the Chairman of the Board - the rector of the University in the manner prescribed by law.

1.3. The main areas of activity, duties and rights of the employees of the Department are determined by the relevant job descriptions, which are developed on the basis of these Regulations.

1.4. The Department is guided in its work by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the University, decisions of the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the University, orders, orders and instructions of the University management, this Regulation and other internal documents of the University that determine the procedure for the University's activities.

1.5. The head of the Department, in accordance with the established procedure, ensures the effective work of the Department in accordance with the tasks and functions set by this regulation, as well as the fulfillment of official duties defined in the job description of the head of the Department and the awareness of employees about the relevance and importance of their activities within the framework of the assigned powers, contribution to the achievement of goals in areas of quality, labor protection and safety, health and safety.

The main task of the Office is contributing to the achievement of the strategic goals of the University by:

  • development / updating and implementation of the Personnel Policy of the University, taking into account the Development Strategy of the University, aimed at increasing the efficiency of activities, within the functions of the Office;
  • management of mid-term and long-term planning of the University personnel in order to achieve the goals of the University through the availability of an appropriate number and quality of personnel (qualifications, performance level);
  • management of the search and selection of personnel of the University in order to provide personnel with the necessary skills, knowledge and skills for the effective implementation of the processes of the University;
  • management of training and development of the University staff in order to ensure the appropriate level of professional training for the effective implementation of the University processes;
  • management of the assessment of the University staff in order to improve the performance at all levels of the University;
  • management of remuneration of the University staff in order to motivate them to achieve the strategic goals of the University;
  • management of the corporate culture of the University, with a focus on continuity, result orientation and willingness to take responsibility;
  • management of labor relations and personnel administration of the University in accordance with the requirements of the Labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The functions of the Office are:

  • development and implementation of a unified personnel policy of the Company in accordance with the long-term strategy of the University; analytical work, participation in the diagnosis of management problems of the University, coordination of activities and provision of methodological and methodological assistance to the heads of the structural units of the University in the field of human resource management and the formation of personnel policy;
  • development of documents in the field of planning and forecasting the need for human resources;
  • participation in work to improve the management structure of the University, considering the strategy and processes, approval of the structure and staffing of the University, ensuring compliance with staff discipline at the University;
  • organization of selection and recruitment of qualified personnel, in accordance with the established requirements of the University and in compliance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, interaction with structural divisions of the University on the issue of filling vacant positions, interaction with structural divisions on personnel recruitment;
  • development and approval of documents regulating the issues of remuneration, including bonuses for employees and remuneration of the University staff;
  • organization and conduct of work on the issues of social support of the University employees (provision of material assistance);
  • administration of procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of the University employees in accordance with the internal documents of the University; improvement of the University personnel assessment system through the development (updating) of standard internal documents, analysis of periodic reporting on the University, provision of methodological consultations, the formation of proposals to improve the University personnel assessment system;
  • implementation of a system of continuous professional development of personnel by organizing the training process in accordance with the training needs of the University employees, determined by the heads of structural divisions and the leadership of the University, and the training schedule approved by the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the University;
  • improving the training system of the University staff through the development of standard internal documents, analysis of the periodic reporting of the University;
  • maintaining personnel records in accordance with the Labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, registration of admission, transfer, dismissal of employees, vacations and business trips of employees, preparation of reports on personnel, control over keeping records of working hours at the University and compliance with labor discipline in the structural divisions of the University, organization of disciplinary work commissions;
  • conducting office work of the Office, organizing and performing work on rewarding employees of the University with state and other awards and incentives;
  • budget planning by items of expenditure supervised by the Office.