The operational and economic management

The operational and economic management is a structural subdivision of the NJSC " Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after Safi Utebayev".

The Department includes 7 sectors:

  • Medical Center;
  • Dining room and buffets;
  • Warehouse;
  • Car park;
  • Department of safety and labor protection;
  • Repair and construction team;
  • Power supply department.

The department was created in order to improve the quality of work and adapt the unit to modern conditions and directions of development of the university infrastructure.

The tasks of the economic management include the maintenance of buildings, premises and the adjacent territory of the university in accordance with the rules and norms of technical operation, as well as ensuring the operation of engineering communications, the proper maintenance of elements of external improvement, compliance with sanitary and technical and fire regulations.

Main functions of the Office:

  • 1. Representing the interests of the university in relations with other organizations on administrative and economic issues.
  • 2. Maintenance of buildings and structures of the university in good condition, timely overhaul and maintenance..
  • 3. Uninterrupted supply of buildings and structures of the university with electricity, heat, cold and hot water supply.
  • 4. Ensures the safety of buildings and structures, goods and materials located in it. Maintaining public order in buildings.
  • 5. In accordance with the budget of the university, it supplies educational equipment, office equipment, educational and household equipment and stationery.
  • 6. Ensures the rational use of vehicles, responsibility for the correct maintenance of vehicles, timely overhaul and current repairs, provision (fuel) of fuel and lubricants.
  • 7. Responsibility for settling and eviction from hostels, organizing the life and leisure of students, monitoring compliance with the rules and regulations of residence in hostels.
  • 8. Provides proper cleanliness and order in all educational buildings and hostels.
  • 9. Organization of landscaping and cleaning of the territory of the university.
  • 10. Compliance with the rules and regulations of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire safety.
  • 11. Conduct inspections of buildings, premises and utilities to determine their technical condition and carry out extraordinary and current repairs.
  • 12. To organize the receipt, storage and delivery of the necessary materials, overalls and provide them to the employees of the department, keeping records and reporting on their expenditure.
  • 13. Serve meetings, conferences, open days and olympiads held at the university, etc.