Head of the Museum – Aislu Bektemirovna Turniyazova

Museum specialist – professor, honorary citizen of Atyrau - Afanasiev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich

Хранитель музея – Жукеева Айгуль  Сапаровна

The AOGU Museum includes the following divisions:
Museum «Safi Utebayev»

Museum of old Guryev

Geological Museum

The Museum of Atyrau University of Oil and Gas was created with the aim of preserving the history of the university, reflecting the development of oil education and science, the development of the oil and gas industry and, ultimately, creating the history of oil. The museum expositions reflect the history of our region, from paleography to the present. In general, the museum should become a scientific, educational and cultural center.

The basis of the museum's collection is made up of material, visual, printed, written materials and photographic materials. The museum is one of the forms for the development of creative and social activity of students, education of citizenship, respect for the monuments of history and culture. The museum keeps a register of visitors, continues to collect information in the media about the development of the oil industry of the Atyrau region, historical information, etc.

Materials are recorded and stored in subject folders. Museum employees are working in the following areas:

  • creation of expositions and thematic exhibitions;
  • current work on the collection, storage and study of monuments of material and spiritual culture of the region, region, city, university;
  • carrying out mass scientific and educational work with students, teachers, staff of AOGU;
  • organization of an excursion to the AOGU Museum for everyone.
  • interaction with the structural divisions of the university in order to organize events for the formation, storage and use of museum funds and collections;
  • use of documents, materials and exhibits stored in the museum, popularization of museum collections, holding cultural, educational, ideological and patriotic events and training sessions on museum work.