Registrar Office

Head of the Registrar Office -  Abeldinova Zhanar Smagulovna

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Registrar Office is a structural unit of the University that registers the history of educational achievements of students, considering the credits they have mastered, organizes intermediate and final attestations of students and calculates their academic ratings.

The Registrar Office carries out its activities in accordance with the Standard Rules on the Organization of the Educational Process on Credit Technology of Education, Standard Rules for the Activities of Higher Education Organizations, Decrees of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education and science, institutions and organizations education.

The work of the Office-Registrar is coordinated with the activities of the Marketing Department, the Information Systems and Knowledge Control Department, the Educational and Methodological Department, the dean's offices and other structural divisions of the University participating in the organization of the educational process.

In accordance with the academic calendar of the university, the Registrar Office coordinates and monitors the educational process, organizes, within the educational process, current, intermediate and final control for all forms of education.

The main task of the Registrar Office is to assist the student in achieving his main goal - to receive education along the chosen learning path with a high quality of knowledge, abilities, skills and competencies in close cooperation with other educational departments of the university.

The main activities of the Registrar Office:

  • registration of the entire history of educational achievements of students;
  • organization, within the framework of the educational process, of conducting current, intermediate and final control in accordance with the academic calendar of the university;
  • organization and tracking of educational achievements of students;
  • considering the academic rating of students;
  • coordination and monitoring of the educational process;
  • accounting for the formation and movement of the contingent of university students;
  • pre-archive storage of students' documents;
  • maintaining statistics and statistical reporting.

The main functions of the Registrar Office:

  • the formation of academic groups, streams;
  • preparation of orders and submissions for the student body;
  • maintaining documentation on the results of the educational process (preparation and printing of midterm, examination, final and summary sheets, registration of exam results);
  • calculation of the academic rating of students;
  • maintaining personal files of students;
  • accounting of students' mastered credits during the entire period of study and for the entire period of study;
  • organizing a summer semester to meet the needs for additional types of education and eliminate academic debt or differences in curriculum;
  • identifying the difference in disciplines when transferring from other universities, intra-university transfers, restorations;
  • high-quality organization of work on the management of personal affairs of students;
  • preparation of documents for awarding vacant educational grants;
  • preparation of orders on the appointment of state scholarships and on the awarding of personal scholarships and scholarships of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • preparation of orders for compensation of travel expenses for students studying on an educational grant;
  • registration and accounting of the movement of the contingent of students - transfers from another university, transfers within the university, transfer from course to course, recovery, expulsion, repeated course;
  • preparation of orders for transfer, restoration, deductions;
  • pre-archive storage of students' documents;
  • organization of work on obtaining strict accountability forms (diplomas and diploma supplements, academic certificates), filling them out, ensuring their proper storage;
  • organization of work on filling out diplomas, academic transcripts and preparation of a report on used state-standard forms (academic transcripts, diplomas);
  • filling out state reporting forms on the progress and movement of the contingent of students (3-NK, F34, etc.).

To improve the quality of the document management system, the Registrar Office uses the international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, which has created favorable conditions for managing the process.

The current work of the Registrar Office is carried out in accordance with the work plan of the Registrar Office and in accordance with the academic calendar. The registrar's office develops and updates internal regulatory documents for assessing the quality of the educational process at the university, in accordance with the principles of credit technology. Systematic work is being carried out in conjunction with a specialist from the Office of Information Systems and Knowledge Control to fill in the database in the Univer portal.