Additional educational programs

Atyrau Oil and Gas University implements Minor additional training programs for the main specialty (Major program) in 18 undergraduate specialties:

1. 5В070800 - Oil and gas business

2. 5В070600 - Geology and exploration of mineral deposits

3. 5В071100 - Geodesy and Cartography

4. 5В071000 - Material Science and Technology of New Materials

5. 5В071300 - Transport, transport technology

6. 5В090100 - Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport

7. 5В071500 - Marine engineering and technology

8. 5В072400 - Technological machines and equipment

9. 5В072900 - Construction

10. 5В071800 - Electricity

11. 5В072100 - Chemical technology of organic substances

12. 5В073100 - Life safety and environmental protection

13. 5В050600 - Economy

14. 5В050800 - Accounting and audit

15. 5В051100 - Marketing

16. 5В070200 - Automation and control

17. 5В070300 - Information systems

18. 5В070400 - Computer equipment and software

MINOR is a program of additional direction of study (specialty), which a student can choose from the list of specialties offered by the University. Upon completion of the theoretical course of study in the disciplines of an additional specialty and obtaining an academic degree of a Bachelor in the main specialty (Major), the student is issued a diploma supplement of the established form with the award of an academic degree in an additional specialty (Minor).

A 1st year student has the right to choose one Minor program for study, which is studied in the second and third years of the bachelor's degree.