Distance learning

What does distance learning mean?

Distance learning gives you the opportunity to attend classes 24/7 without leaving your home! Classes are held in a virtual environment, where each student gets access to text, visual information to materials, encyclopedias, training recommendations from leading teachers with whom you will have contact through electronic communication systems.

Reception of documents - until August 25

Distance learning:

Education using distance educational technologies is organized at the University on the basis of secondary specialized and higher education in the following programs:

  • 5В070800 – Oil and gas business
  • 5В070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits
  • 5В071100 – Geodesy and Cartography
  • 5В090300 – Land management
  • 5В072900 – Construction
  • 5В071500 – Marine Engineering and Technology
  • 5В072400 – Technological machines and equipment
  • 5В071300 – Transport, transport equipment and technologies
  • 5В090100 – Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport
  • 5В071000 – Materials science and technology of new materials
  • 5В073200 – Standardization and certification (by industry)
  • 5В072100 – Chemical technology of organic substances
  • 5В071800 – Electricity
  • 5В071900 – Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications
  • 5В073100 – Life safety and environmental protection
  • 5В072700 – Technology of food products
  • 5В060600 – Chemistry
  • 5В080400 – Fisheries and industrial fishing
  • 5В070200 – Automation and control
  • 5В070300 – Information systems
  • 5В070400 – Computer equipment and software
  • 5В050600 – Economics
  • 5В050700 – Management
  • 5В050800 – Accounting and audit
  • 5В051100 – Marketing
  • 5В050900 – Finance

Distance learning:

  • On the basis of higher education, the term of study is 2 years
  • On the basis of secondary specialized education (after college) - 3 years, if the specialty is the same or related to the one studied in college;
  • Each year includes 2 academic periods: fall and spring semesters.

Documents for admission to distance learning programs you will need:

  • Application on the standard form
  • Education document (original)
  • Copy of ID
  • Medical certificate form 086-U (with a snapshot of fluorography)
  • Photo - 4 pieces (photo size 3x4)

For college graduates, it is necessary to pass Comprehensive Testing (CT)

The cost of training on a contractual basis for applicants of the 2017-2018 academic year for Bachelor's programs for distance education systems from 200,000 per year.