The Department of Information Technology and Knowledge Control is engaged in the maintenance of computer equipment and operation, information security, control of education of trainers and personnel development, maintenance of distance education and the educational portal, ensures and maintains the operability of specialized information systems, standard software of domestic and Western production, information infrastructure, as well as information security of the automated systems of the university.

Our mission is to improve the quality of education through the introduction of information technology and the implementation of innovative solutions.

Our goals:

  • creation of high-quality university informatization systems that fully meet modern standards,
  • development and implementation of information systems relevant to solving problems in various spheres of university life,
  • optimization and expansion of the functionality of previously implemented information systems,
  • raising awareness, satisfaction and trust of teaching staff and students,
  • ensuring the operability of all automated information systems and computer equipment of the university,
  • search and implementation of fundamentally new solutions in the field of informatization,
  • providing conditions for improving the quality of education at the university through the State Program for the Development of Education, the implementation of the Program for the Development of Information and Computer Technologies, including through the functioning of the education quality assessment system;
  • coordination of research, methodological, design, implementation, commissioning, production work on the problems of computerization, automation of the educational process and new information technologies, on issues of developmental education, test methods of knowledge control and technical teaching aids in education.

Using the existing potential, a strategic approach to management, as well as the experience and professionalism of our young team, we strive to ensure that the university is deservedly considered an advanced center of high technologies and exactly where technologies serve the main thing - the interests of teaching staff and students.

The main tasks of management are:

  • ensuring the functioning of information systems;
  • выработка рекомендаций по разработке и модернизации информационных систем;
  • development of recommendations for the development and modernization of information systems;
  • system and technical support for personal computers, LANs and servers.
  • execution and management of work on support of information systems of the university;
  • uninterrupted operation of information systems, development of recommendations for the development and maintenance of information systems, integration with basic components of other systems;
  • system and technical support for personal computers;
  • system and technical support for network servers and databases;
  • updating antivirus programs;
  • preparation of technical documentation for public procurement, its acceptance upon implementation;
  • software support for students;
  • support for existing software;
  • minor repairs of computing and office equipment;
  • survey and development of technical documentation for the creation, improvement of information infrastructure;
  • carrying out work to optimize the use of information and technical resources in order to maximize the efficiency of their operation;
  • ensuring the operability of distance learning programs;
  • conducting test exams for students and applicants;

The subjects of the Center's activities are:

  • development of the information technology sector at the university;
  • implementation of research, technological policy in the field of education to achieve quality, ensuring its competitiveness through the introduction of objective external assessment tools and systemic monitoring of education;
  • formation of information and analytical material based on statistical data, giving a holistic view of the state of the education system.