Embamunaigas JSC

Embamunaigas JSC includes 6 branches. Zhaiykmunaigas, Dossormunaigas, Kainarmunaigas, Zhylyoimunaigaz, Embamunayenergo and the Department of Production and Technical Maintenance and Equipment Completion with a total number of 5,525 people (01.01.2015). Embamunaigas JSC has 41 oil and gas fields on its balance sheet, of which 33 are in development.

The company consistently provides an increase in production. Embamunaigas JSC has developed a long-term development plan "New growth horizons for Embamunaigas JSC."

According to the long-term plan, geological exploration drilling of deep wells (exploration depth - 7000 meters), the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of oil production, measures to increase the oil recovery factor and increase the turnaround time of wells are planned.

The long-term plan provides for the involvement of specialists from industry research institutes and leading service companies (Weatherford, Schlumberger, Kaspiymunaigas Research Institute LLP, Alstron LLP, a branch of the KazMunayGas EP JSC engineering center). In particular, it is planned to jointly introduce polymer flooding at the Zaburunye field, drill horizontal wells and apply enhanced oil recovery methods (steam injection, chemical methods), introduce CHOPS technology (cold production of heavy oil with sand) at the East Moldabek field and introduce an intelligent well at the field. Eastern Makat. It is also planned to carry out work to increase the MCI - service maintenance of deep pumps.


The history of the development of the Kazakh Research Oil Geological Institute (KazNIGRI) is inextricably linked with the development of the productive forces of Kazakhstan. Today KazNIGRI is a complex research, design and survey organization. High scientific potential and rich experience of specialists allow the company to successfully provide design and analytical support for prospecting, exploration and development of oil and gas fields.

KazNIGRI LLP has experienced specialists-geologists, geophysicists-seismicists and specialists in the field of field geophysics, as well as laboratory equipment and a staff of highly qualified specialists who conduct a full range of studies of rock samples and samples of oil, water, gas that meets international standards.

The organization conducts geological research, geological services for oil and gas operations, and design work for oil and gas. The organization is engaged in:

  • development of geological models of the structure of oil and gas basins of the Republic of Kazakhstan, local structures and fields;
  • GIS interpretation, which is carried out using a set of methods for solving problems of identifying and justifying reservoirs, as well as oilfield and other problems;
  • geological support of oil and gas operations during the construction of prospecting and production wells;
  • analysis of geological and technological indicators for the developed oil and gas fields;
  • various hydrodynamic studies of productive wells and their geological analyzes;
  • service work on drilling fluids (complete quality control of the drilling fluid during well construction);
  • technical projects for well drilling.

LLP "Atyrau Oil Refinery"

The firstborn of the oil refining industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan was built during the Great Patriotic War for two years, commissioned in September 1945.

To date, the following main units operate as part of the Atyrau Refinery:

  • ELOU-AT-2 unit (primary distillation of crude oil) - through three reconstructions, the unit's capacity was increased to 2.0 million tons of oil per year
  • ELOU-AVT-3 unit (primary distillation with a vacuum unit) - processing capacity up to 3.0 million tons of oil per year. Produces: automotive component, white spirit, jet fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oil, vacuum gas oil and tar;
  • catalytic reforming unit LG-35-11 / 300-95 - 420 thousand tons per year. Processes straight-run gasoline with the release of high-octane catalyzate, stable head (household gas), hydrogen-containing gas, dry gas (process fuel);
  • delayed coking unit (DCU): capacity - 720 thousand tons per year. Produces: petroleum coke, coking gasoline, domestic stove fuel, heavy gas oil and wet gas;
  • petroleum coke calcining unit (UPNK): capacity - 120 thousand tons per year for calcined coke. Produces: calcined coke;
  • flare installation;
  • commodity parks.

Now the refinery produces 21 types of petroleum products.

Currently, the Atyrau refinery is capable of processing 4.5 million tons of oil.

Zhigermunayservice LLP

Zhigermunayservice LLP possesses powerful production potential, including metal-cutting, forging and welding equipment, its own oxygen production station, as well as free covered areas for further development of production.

Well-established technological process, availability of modern equipment and qualified personnel allow the company to carry out:

  • flaw detection of drilling and oilfield equipment, as well as tools and welded joints of ultrasonic inspection, using X-ray and vacuum methods of non-destructive testing;
  • production of D-grade tubing, B version in accordance with GOST 633-80;
  • testing of drilling blowout equipment, flowing equipment;
  • production of steeply curved bends;
  • mechanical testing of metals and materials: tensile, compression, bending and flattening.