Dual education

Dual education is a type of vocational education in which the practical part of the training of students takes place at the workplace, and the theoretical part is based on the educational organization.

The main goal is to prepare a qualified and competent graduate who has formed the basic skills of work in production, to develop a Kazakhstani model of dual education in the system of technical and specialized education.

Since 2015, at the Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after S. Utebayev, for the first time in the higher education system, dual education has been introduced. Dual education provides for the interaction of education and business, as a result of which the efficiency of training qualified specialists increases. The direct participants in dual education are a student, a manufacturing enterprise and a university.

The dual system learners have a number of advantages over the traditional system learners. It is

  • obtaining work skills by students;
  • thorough knowledge of the main production processes;
  • accumulation of work experience;
  • obtaining a certificate (certificate) for working specialties;
  • the acquisition of knowledge and experience that contributes to professional development.

At present, at AOGU named after S. Utebayev, the dual training system is carried out according to the following educational programs:

  • 6В07101 – "Automation and production management"
  • 6В07102 – "Transport, transport equipment and technologies"
  • 6В07104 – "Industrial energy"
  • 6В07105 – "Power supply of enterprises"
  • 6В07106 – "Chemical technology of organic substances"
  • 6В07107 – "Machinery and equipment of the oil and gas industry"
  • 6В07201 – "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits"
  • 6В07202 – "Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields"
  • 6В07203 – "Development and operation of oil and gas fields"
  • 6В07204 – "Drilling and repair of oil and gas wells"
  • 6В07205 – "Design and operation of oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas storage facilities"

Dual training is carried out jointly with enterprises:

  • JSC Embamunaigas
  • LLP "Atyrau Oil Refinery"
  • LLP "KazNIGRI"
  • LLP Zhigermunayservice
  • LLP PKF Continent Co LTD (Atyrau cable plant)
  • LLP "KazTechMunaiService"
  • LLP Bertling Kazakh Logistics
  • LLP Embamunayenergo