Selection of students for dual education

Students from the 3rd year are admitted to the dual training program at the Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after Safi Utebayev. Admission of students for dual education is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the selection of students for dual education", adopted by the decision of the Academic Council of the University.

The criteria for selecting students for a dual education program are:

  • good academic performance (GPA at least 3.33);
  • the ability to demonstrate theoretical and practical training in the educational program;
  • the social status of the student;
  • good health and psychological resistance to the difficulties of production work on a rotational basis;
  • high level of organization and discipline;
  • availability of working qualifications (certificate of awarding a working specialty or a certificate of training in working specialties);
  • lack of bad habits;
  • sociability.

Those wishing to take part in the selection submit an application in any form to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and International Cooperation and attach the necessary certificates:

  • a certificate of no criminal record and leads to the internal affairs bodies;
  • a certificate from a psychiatric dispensary and narcology;
  • health certificate (form 086U).