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Information about the Faculty of Industry and Technology

According to the decision of the Board of Directors dated August 2022 No. from the structure of the Institute of Petrochemical Engineering and Ecology the Faculty of Industrial and Technological Engineering was separated and formed.

The strategic goal of the new faculty is to create in the shortest possible time an educational-methodical and scientific base, to raise the qualification of teaching staff qualitatively to a new level, to introduce modern methods of teaching into the educational process, to establish links with leading scientific organizations of the republic, region and abroad, to raise the level of material and technical base.

The Faculty implements the following educational programs: 7M07101 - "Industrial Power Engineering" (Master's degree); 6B07104 - "Industrial Power Engineering"; 6B07102 - "Transport, Transport Engineering and Technologies"; 6B0107 - "Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Industry"; 6B11301 - "Traffic Organization, Transport Management and Logistics"; 6B07302 - "Industrial and Civil Construction". Also the faculty includes the teaching staff of physics, mathematics and general technical disciplines

To date, 26 teachers work at the faculty, including 2 doctors of sciences, 10 candidates of sciences, 7 people with masters of sciences, 5 professors of AUNG, 4 assistant professors and 13 senior teachers. The teaching staff of the faculty realizes the educational process at the highest level, providing quality training. There are 554 students studying in all educational programs of the faculty. The majority of students are trained under the state educational grant and at the expense of employers. The employment rate of graduates is 80%. All educational programs of the faculty are practice-oriented, successfully cooperate with production companies of the region. Among them are leading enterprises such as AOR LLP, Worley Parsons, Fluor, Atyrau Zharyk JSC, KEGOC JSC, Energoinform JSC, TCO, AtyrauNeftemash LLP, Embamunaigas JSC, ZhigerMunaiService LLP, Bertling Kazah Logistics LLP, Kazturboremont LLP, ATEC JSC, AtyrauBetonSnab LLP, and others. With all the above mentioned enterprises the contracts on industrial practice are made, leading specialists read lectures and conduct practical classes. With all the above-mentioned enterprises agreements on industrial practice are drawn up, leading specialists give lectures and conduct practical classes. In most of the OPs of the Faculty the dual form of training is realized. Students of 6B0107 - "Machines and equipment of oil and gas industry" undergo dual training on the basis of "AOR" LLP and "ZhigerMunaiService" LLP, students of 6B07104 - "Industrial Energy" undergo dual training on the basis of "AOR" LLP, JSC "Embamunaigas", students of 6B07102 - "Transport, transport equipment and technologies" and 6B11301 - "Traffic organization, transport management and logistics" on the basis of "Bertling Kazakh Logistics" LLP.

Dean of Faculty

Zhomart Zhanturin


Contact number: +7 701 386 39 41

Dean message

Dear students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology! Before you is a new faculty, the purpose of which is to train highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of innovative development of Kazakhstan's economy, development of scientific and methodological support for innovation activities, promotion of promising innovative projects. The students of the faculty from the junior courses are engaged in serious research activities, focused on both regional and national practice. After all, the most important feature of training in the Industrial-Technological Faculty is integration, inseparable connection of the educational process, practice at the bases of enterprises and scientific research. One of the main tasks of our educational programs is to train specialists of a new type, who know high technologies well, can promote them on the market, possess the whole range of knowledge in the field of electric power, transport, engineering, construction, etc. Our graduates are successfully working in all branches of economy of the region, they work in large state and private production companies of oil industry, in construction sphere of the region and republic, in transport industry and in other organizations of any forms of ownership. Teachers and staff of the faculty are always glad to help you in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and competence.

Faculty teaching staff

Practical training and employment

Industrial and technological faculty closely cooperate with leading enterprises of Atyrau region such as AOR LLP, Worley Parsons, KMG Engineering LLP, YKK" LLP, Fluor, "AtyrauNeftemash" LLP, "Embamunaigas" JSC, "ZhigerMunaiService" LLP, "Bertling KAZAKH LODGISTICS" LLP, "Kazturboremont" LLP, KPI, NIPI "Caspiymunaigas" JSC and others. on the basis of contracts. There are also branches of the faculty at the enterprises. The trainees undergo professional internships and are further employed at the leading enterprises. The employment rate of the faculty is 80%.

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