Institute of Petrochemical Engineering and Ecology. N.K. Nadirova

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The Faculty of Industry and Technology was formed in 2015 on the basis of the Faculty of Technology and the Faculty of Mechanics. In 2021, the faculty was renamed the Institute of Petrochemical Engineering and Ecology named after N.K. Nadirova.

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Training of highly qualified personnel of the new generation - future industry leaders through high-quality education and research.


Modernization of the Institute of Petrochemical Engineering and Ecology N.K. Nadirov as an innovative institution with a developed infrastructure of educational, scientific, and social activities that ensures the quality, competitiveness, and demand for graduates, educational programs, research, and development in the interests of technological diversification of the petrochemical industry in Kazakhstan.

Dean of Faculty

Kanbetov Asylbek

Contact number: 87016721441
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Teaching staff of the faculty

Practice and employment

The Institute closely cooperates with leading enterprises of the Atyrau region such as AOR LLP, Worley Parsons, KMG Engineering LLP, YKK LLP, Fluor, AtyrauNeftemash LLP, Embamunaigas JSC, ZhigerMunaiService LLP, BERTLING KAZAKH LLP LOGISTICS", LLP "Kazturboremont", KPI, National Research Center for Atmospheric Air Protection, JSC NIPI "Kaspiymunaigaz" and others on the basis of contracts.

There are also branches of the institute at the enterprises. Students undergo professional internships and are subsequently employed at leading enterprises. The employment rate of the institute is 80%.

Scientific research

 Projects: Scientific and applied research.

1.    1. Processing and increasing the efficiency of using hydrocarbon raw materials from Western Kazakhstan in order to maximize the extraction and production of high-quality fuels, oils, raw materials for the chemical industry, and other marketable products.

2.    Integrated application of associated petroleum gas for petrochemical production and solution of environmental problems of the region with the development of hydrogen sulfide-containing oil fields.

3.    Study of the impact of oil exploration operations on the ecological state of the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.

4.    Development of scientific substantiation on the possibility of rational use of natural waters of Lake Inder.

5.    Background condition of the coastal strip of the northeastern Caspian Sea on the borders of Atyrau region.

6.    Study of properties of new oxygenates increasing octane number of gasoline

7.    Development of technology for obtaining anti-wear additives improving lubricating properties of diesel fuel

8.    Complete study of the composition of oil refined at AOR LLP

9.    Study on optimization of corrosion inhibitor supply at primary oil refining units.

10.New Courses in Geospatial Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation of Coastal Ecosystems - GEOCLIC


Within the framework of the project "100 good deeds before the new year" with the support of "KDMS" "Housing and Communal Services of Atyrau" and "Civil Council of Atyrau" headed by its chairman Olzhas Sultanov, Industrial and technological faculty of "Atyrau University of Oil and Gas named after S. Utebaev" organized a cleanup day in the new Geologist Park, which is supervised by a member of the Civil Council, Atyrau city activist Ruslan Kumiscaliev. Utebaev" was organized a subbotnik in the new park Geologist, which is supervised by a member of the Civil Council, an activist of the city of Atyrau Ruslan Kumiskaliev, in the park was allocated a plot where we were planted about 100 young trees, every subbotnik faculty plans to take care of the seedlings and improve the park, we hope that in a few years, there will be a huge blooming green park.

Research Laboratory "Geoecology"

 Main (priority) scientific areas:

NEIL "Petrochemistry"

Priority scientific directions of NEIL "Petrochemistry" are as follows