Scientific Library

Scientific library is a division of the university that provides library and information services to educational and scientific activities.


  • full and operational library and information-bibliographic services for all categories of university readers in accordance with information requests based on wide access to the library funds;
  • formation of the library fund in accordance with the profile of the university and the information needs of readers;
  • organization and maintenance of reference and bibliographic apparatus and databases;
  • education of information culture: instilling skills in using a book and other information resources;
  • preparation of readers to work with a reference device, including in an automated mode;
  • expanding the list of library services, improving their quality on the basis of technical equipment of the library, computerization of library information processes;
  • coordination and cooperation of activities with libraries, bodies of scientific and technical information and other institutions to better meet the needs of readers in literature;
  • carrying out economic activities in order to optimize library services;


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  • Library of Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after S. Utebayev was founded in 1980 in the city of Guryev of the General Technical Faculty of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute.

    In 1999, as a result of the merger of the Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas and the Institute of Chemistry of Oil and Natural Salts of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the library acquisition profile is significantly expanded.  The library is the leading structural subdivision of the university. The general fund of the scientific library of the university, which received a new direction of development, is about 570,000 educational and methodological documents and textbooks and periodicals in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages.

    The main goal of the scientific library is the correct organization of information support for the needs of subjects of higher education - from students receiving education to faculty and staff engaged in educational and scientific activities of the university.

    The mission of the library is to provide each user with high-quality and effective access to any information resources that contribute to their educational, scientific and professional activities.

    The library fund is completed according to the profile of the university on the basis of a card index of book availability, curricula of educational programs, lists of educational literature recommended by departments, topics of university research, as well as considering readers' requests.

    In connection with the task set to develop the "Digital Kazakhstan" Program in the university library, as part of the formation of digital technologies, work is underway to preserve and digitize the most requested textbooks.

    To promptly meet the information needs of users, literature is catalyzed in the electronic catalog of the automated library and information system "KABIS".

    Teachers, students and researchers of the university have access to use the services of a database of such companies as ThomsonReuters, Springerlink, Web of Science, Scopus, Polpred, the information system "PARAGRAPH" in which most of the world publications are presented, and also has access to the Republican interuniversity electronic library (RIEL).

    One of the main activities of the library is cultural and educational work, which includes the organization and conduct of various library public events: reader conferences, literary

    compositional evenings, round tables, book presentations, information days, department days, etc.

    The library staff pays special attention to freshmen.

    At the beginning of each academic year, a freshman month is held, which includes the following activities: filling out a reader's form, a tour of the library and the rules for using the book fund.

    Welcome to the Scientific Library of the Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after S. Utebaev!

    Scientific library address:

    Republic of Kazakhstan, 060027 Atyrau, st. Baimukhanova 45A


    Scientific library work regulations:

    MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


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