Date of formation: January 2020

The club consists of 15 people.

The head of the club is Bayansulu Tuleugalieva.

The goal of the "Қыздар" club is to create conditions that maximize the self-realization of students in the intellectual, creative and professional spheres.

The main objectives of the club are:

  • creation of conditions for the disclosure and implementation of the intellectual, creative potential of students, the organization and coordination of the intellectual, creative and cultural activities of the university;
  • development and implementation of forms of cultural events that contribute to the disclosure of leadership, creative potential of students;
  • development of leadership, cultural and spiritual values of students;
  • the study of interest and the provision of various services of a socio-cultural, educational, entertainment nature, considering the individual inclinations of students;
  • support of socially significant initiatives at the level of the university, city, region, republic.

Activities carried out:

1) Competition "Үздік аспаз" among students in the university hostel.


2) A meeting of students with a numerologist Gulzhan Mubarak took place on the topic: "How do numbers affect your destiny?";


3) Free master class from AOGU student, master of the beauty salon "Ailin" Bayansulu Tuleugalieva.