The goal is to develop the creative potential of students.

The "ZhasSTAR" club unites creative students who want to develop both their musical skills and organizational skills.

Members of the organization are engaged in shooting video clips, recording covers, creating photo reports and photo projects, organizing thematic events and parties.

Students have created a musical group "ZhasSTAR", which is very popular among our youth.

The club aims to develop creative thinking among students and strives to diversify student life within the walls of AOGU.

Activities carried out:

  1. Concert "Біз таланттарды танимыз, табамыз, танвтамыз!" (21 - February);
  2. Student Diary (April 10);
  3. Video challenge "Бір үйдің баласындай" (April 11);
  4. Video challenge, song "Қазақ елі" (April 15);
  5. Video "Күй тартыс" (April 18);
  6. Video “Абайдың алтыншы қара сөзі” (April 20);
  7. Video clip for the 75th anniversary of the victory "Ана туралы баллада" (May 8).