SPE is the Society of Petroleum Engineers, an international non-profit professional organization of petroleum technicians. The main goal of the society is the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of oil exploration and production, as well as the development of related technologies.

The SPE Student Chapter at our university began its work in 2008.

The purpose of creating a student section is to expand knowledge in the field of the oil and gas sector, develop leadership skills and the ability to work in a team.

Every year, SPE Student Chapter members take part in technical regional conferences and regional student summits in various cities of Russia and the Caspian region.

Since 2017, together with the student section of SPE APEC Petrotechnic, with the support of the Atyrau SPE Section, we have been organizing an international technical Olympiad - AIPO (Atyrau International Petroleum Olympiads). During the Olympiad, participants perform laboratory work, take part in brain-rings and speak at discussion platforms.

As part of the student chapter, technical lectures with practical engineers, excursions to production sites and various laboratories where students can gain practical skills are held.

SPE is a large team of like-minded people whose goal is to become successful specialists in the future.