The student council of the hostel is the elected representative body of the student hostel AOGU named after Safi Utebayev.

The dormitory council is a self-governing body and is elected for a period of one year at the general meeting of the students living in the dormitory.

Goals and objectives: The Student Council of the hostel (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is a public body of self-government and is created in the hostel to widely attract students living in the hostel.

This Council conducts activities aimed at improving educational, cultural, sports and recreation work. In addition, work is underway to organize leisure, approve the norms and rules of hostels, a sober and healthy lifestyle, and assist the administration of the hostel in improving living conditions and consumer services.

During the second half of the 2019-2020 academic year, together with the «Қыздар» club (responsible: G.B. Kurenbaeva), were organized and carried out the following activities, including during quarantine related to the spread of coronavirus:

  1. The competition "Үздік аспаз" was organized among the students of the hostel;
  2. A meeting with numerologist Gulzhan Mubarak was organized on the topic: "How do numbers influence your destiny?";
  3. Bayansulu Tuleugalieva, student of our university, master of the beauty salon "Ailin" held a free master class;
  4. For the purpose of information and explanatory work in the field of religion, a lecture was held for our students on the topic "Revival of spiritual values - a tool for preventing radical ideology";
  5. Challenge on the topic: "Ас – адамның арқауы"
  6. Students posted a post and video on their Instagram account with the hashtag #Student's Diary;
  7. Various marathons were held (online course, master class, book reading);
  8. Video challenge #Bizbirgemiz.