Date of formation: January 2020.

The club consists of 76 volunteers.

Main goals: development and social self-realization of student youth through familiarization with various types of social activity, their involvement in volunteering.


  • popularization of the idea of volunteering among students;
  • creating conditions for involving university students in socially significant activities;
  • training of members of the organization in the volunteer movement;
  • development of the social system, creation of optimal conditions for the spread of the volunteer movement and activation of participation in socially significant events and projects;
  • fostering students' skills to work in a team, moving together towards the assigned goal;
  • development of individual personality abilities;
  • interaction with public organizations of Atyrau, interested in the implementation of the volunteer movement;
  • holding various fairs, actions and charitable assistance.


Activities carried out:

1. Meeting with the famous volunteer Yerlan Kumiskaliev.

As part of the events dedicated to the Year of Volunteers announced in 2020 in Kazakhstan, a meeting with the chairman of the public association "Atyrau-small country" Yerlan Kumiskaliev was held at the AOGU on February 3. Yerlan Kumiskaliev - laureate of the national prize "Алтын жүрек" (2015), laureate of the project "100 new names of Kazakhstan" (2017). The purpose of the meeting is to teach young students to understand and appreciate the true significance of life, to make full use of the resources they have, to be able to set goals and find ways to achieve them, and also to find volunteers among students and youth who will do good deeds in their turn.


2.Organization of a fair to collect money for the treatment of 13-year-old Tashu Aktolkyn

Date - February 21, 2020

The fair was organized by student volunteers. At the fair, students sold baked goods, which they prepared themselves, various handmade decorations, and drinks. The collected funds in the amount of 149,000 tenge were transferred to the treatment of Tashu Aktolkyn, suffering from cerebral palsy.


3. Opening the «28 петель» club

Together with the volunteer movement «28 петель» is a project aimed in implementation of knitting woolen suits for premature babies. These woolen items have medicinal properties that stimulate the nerve endings of children and make the child feel like he is living. March 2020



4. Мероприятие, приуроченное ко дню благодарности.

On March 2, 2020, volunteers visited the city Children's Home, where they showed educational videos for children, sang children's songs together, played, and also drew with older children. Also, volunteers cleaned the area.


5. Delivery of food baskets

On May 31, our volunteers, together with the Nur Otan party, held a charity event to deliver food for 30 low-income families.

6. Promotion for the Children's Day

On June 1, our volunteers, together with volunteers @asu_umit and @zhas_kauym, organized a charity event for children from 10 large and low-income families in honor of Children's Day. As part of the event, the volunteer group not only pleased the children with gifts, but also gave them fun and festive mood. The children prepared an entertainment program, during which the volunteers, together with fairy-tale heroes, involved children in games, dances, songs and much more ⠀ This event presented children great mood! The most important reward for us is to see the smile and joy of children, and of course, the gratitude of mothers.

On June 13, our volunteers, together with volunteers @asu_umit and @zhas_kauym, organized a charity event for children from 8 large families in the Beibarys rural district. As part of the event, the volunteer group prepared an entertainment program, during which volunteers, together with fairy-tale characters, involved children in games, dances, songs and much more. This event gave the children a great mood! In the final part of the event, children were given toys and bags with necessary food products.