Psychological counseling service

Dear students! The university has a psychological office.

Фото психолога

Name: Kodarova Gulshat Orazgalievna

Specialization: Practicing psychologist

Education: Master in Psychology

Experience: 10 years

About employee

Kodarova Gulshat Orazgalievna is a member of the "Association of Psychologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan", as well as a member of the Kazakhstan branch of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL).

Mission - to promote the successful development of the individual, the disclosure of its unique abilities and their implementation; to promote a better understanding of oneself and others, the formation of harmonious, conscious relationships with oneself and other people.

It is worth going to a psychologist if you cannot cope with your experiences or if you want to improve the quality of your life and be more aware. You can also turn to a specialist if you need support and cannot find a response in the outside world.

Psychological work is realized through individual counseling.

Duration: 50 minutes

When connecting online, please choose a convenient place for yourself where no one will disturb you for 50 minutes. Also, if you get in touch through gadgets, then make sure that the charge is full.

For depression, acute conditions, it is recommended to visit a psychologist on a weekly basis until the condition improves.

Contact Information


Telephone: 8 702 242 3934