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Choose a profession that you love and you will not have to work a day in your life.


The choice of a university and a future profession is one of the most important and crucial moments in the life of every person! Professional growth, career and opportunities for self-realization depend on the quality of the education received.

When the path of self-improvement begins, the motivation is high and it seems that the interest in self-development will be endless. However, after a while, everyday life begins to drag things into their course, and motivation weakens. Self-development is one of the most difficult jobs, as it is connected with changing oneself. It is often found that it is precisely the energy, strength and motivation that is lacking in order to achieve goals. Only a correctly chosen profession can become a source of endless energy and striving for constant improvement.

In the era of information technologies and innovations, the university trains a new generation of specialists, forms a progressive worldview and professional competence that allow graduates to adapt to the socio-cultural life of the region, Kazakhstan and the countries of the world community.

Atyrau Oil and Gas University named after S. Utebayev is the only specialized university in Kazakhstan for training personnel for the country's oil and gas industry. The demand for technical specialists in our economy is very high! The employment rate is the main criterion for the success of a university. And our main goal is to provide the industry with specialists with the appropriate competencies, training in accordance with the requirements of employers. The need of business for specific knowledge, skills and abilities of graduates is the basis of the university's educational programs, which are developed in conjunction with the industry.

The possibility of obtaining a bachelor's degree in 3 years, participation in a dual training program, undergoing educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice in specific partner companies for the purpose of further employment, industrial certification of students already at the university, holding a semester abroad within the framework of university exchange programs, corporate and internal grants will help improve the quality and efficiency of the educational process.

The university has created conditions not only for professional training, but also for the harmonious development of the individual. Much attention is paid to the disclosure of the abilities and talents of students in cultural, sports and social life. Bright events, exciting projects, scientific discoveries and new interesting acquaintances - all this awaits you at our university!

Today it is obvious that the increased value of human life requires a revision of existing systems and attitudes towards them. Become a part of our student community! Start your journey with us!

Гульзада Танирбергеновна Шакуликова

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