Educational and methodical council

The Methodological Council organizes, coordinates and monitors the educational and methodological work of departments, faculties of the university, expert commissions for the faculties of the university, which checks educational and methodological developments in all disciplines of the university's specialties in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards and RUE.

The main task of the MC is:

  1. organization of quality monitoring of methodological support of the educational process;
  2. planning, organization of expertise and recommendation for the publication of educational, educational-methodical and scientific-methodical literature, manuals and other materials published in educational institutions;
  3. methodological support and improvement of the educational process in educational institutions;
  4. improving the system of advanced training, retraining and certification of teaching and scientific personnel, analysis of the content of the educational process;
  5. preparation of recommendations for the development of a quality management system and the implementation of the results of methodological developments in the educational process;
  6. organization of work of creative (permanent and temporary) centers of educational and methodological associations of teachers;
  7. coordination of the activities of faculties, departments and other structural divisions for the preparation and improvement of curricula, programs, teaching materials, generalization, dissemination and assistance in the implementation of advanced experience in the methodological work of departments, faculties of the university and other universities in the educational process.