Disciplinary Commision

The main goal of the Disciplinary Commission is to ensure that the employees of the University comply with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the internal regulations of the University, as well as consideration of cases on the application of disciplinary measures and responsibility.

           The main tasks of the Disciplinary Commission:

  • comprehensive, complete, objective and timely consideration of cases of violations committed by employees of the University;
  • ensuring the execution of the decision, as well as identifying the reasons and conditions that contributed to the commission of violations;
  • control over the observance of the University internal regulations;
  • adoption of the measures assigned to the Disciplinary Commission, including disciplinary action, to ensure the implementation by persons specified in clause 2.1. of this job statement.

      The Disciplinary Commission considers cases:

  • on corruption offenses with the assistance of law enforcement agencies;
  • on violations of the norms of the code of corporate ethics;
  • on violations of the corporate governance code;
  • on the systematic admission of the teaching staff (PPP) to training sessions without good reason;
  • about systematic delays of employees for work without good reason;
  • about being drunk at the workplace or school, including drinking alcohol during working hours on the territory of the University;
  • smoking in an unknown place;
  • violation of the requirements of the internal regulatory documents of the University;
  • and other cases requiring the application of disciplinary measures;
  • at the request of citizens in cases of unethical behavior, from employees and faculty.